Repair Services

Our commitment to service is stronger than ever! To better serve our local music community, The Candyman has an in-house repair shop, an off-site electronics and amp repaire service (Kali Music) and an off-site band and orchestra repair service (Atkinson Entertainment). Prices are determined on individual basis.   

In-House Repair

Guitar Repair


  • Basic guitar set-ups (electric & acoustic)

  • String changes on most string instruments

  • Guitar crack repairs

  • Complete fret jobs

  • Pick-up replacements and installation

  • Electric guitar re-wiring 

  • and more!


We are the authorized center for Guild, Fender, Gretsch, and Ovation.




Kali Music

Amp repairsare expertly handled by our partner at Kali Music Repair Service.

All you need to do is drop your equipment here at The Candyman and we will do the rest.


Kali music repair service is certified for Fender, Peavey, Marshall, Korg, Vox, Mesa Boogie and Roland warranty and non-warranty repair, and also works on all other brands of non-warranty repair.


Feel free to contact Murali Levine (in photo right) at 473-1236 for estimates and related information.


Keyboard repairs and servicing is also available for warranty and non-warranty issues for Roland and Korg products. Kali Music Repair Services also works on the following:


  • Guitar Amps
  • Bass Amps
  • Keyboard Amps
  • Pedals
  • Rack Mount FX Units
  • PA Amps PA Systems
  • Audiophile Equipment (not turntables!)
  • Keyboards
  • Microphones
  • Guitars
  • Bass Guitars
  • and virtually any other electronic or electrified musical instrument. Murali also designs and builds custom tube guitar amps!

 Murali says, "I’ve never had to advertise. Word just gets around when you offer good service.  And working with The Candyman all these years has been a pleasure and a blessing.  I’m grateful to my customers and to the owners and staff at The Candyman who’ve made it possible for my business to be successful."

 We at The Candyman concur; it’s been a wonderful partnership!


ServicesAtkinson Entertainment

Band & Orchestral instrument repairs are expertly handled by Sam Atkinson Entertainment and can be done in just a few short days in most cases. Simply drop off your instrument and we will do the rest. Sam is available for consultation on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays here at The Candyman. 


Brass Instruments:


  • – Pull Mouthpiece
  • – Trumpet & Trombone Slide Service
  • – Align and Restring Rotary Valve
  • – Soft Solder Point
  • – High-Tem Solder
  • – Install Amado Waterkey / Monel
  • – Replace Waterkey Cork
  • – Replace Waterkey Spring
  • – Dent Work

Silver Polishing services on all brass instruments.

 In addition to brass instruments, we can adjust or re-pad any woodwind instrument (even vintage and professional instruments)!

 Additional services for woodwind instruments:

  • – Tenor Cork for Oboe, Clarinet, Alto or Bass Clarinet
  • – Neck Corks on Saxes
  • – Soft Solder
  • – High Temp Solder
  • – Replace Spring
  • – Flute Head Cork
  • – Refit Metal Tenon
  • – Silver Polish Flute
  • – Silver Polish Sax
  • – Clean Disassembled Sax, Clarinet & Flute
  • – Felt Replacements
  • – Pad Repairs / Replacement from a Just a Few to a Complete Overhaul

 Our repair rates are very reasonable and estimates are always available. Contact Sam Atkinson at 983-5906. Sam is in the store Friday through Monday.